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One Day- AC OC
She wasn't sure what it was about him that made her uncomfortable. All she knew
was that she loathed him. It was almost as though he were prodding her soul, the way he
stared causing her stomach to twist itself into knots. His very presence was enough to
make her wish to leap up and scream in rage, and every time he sneered behind Malik's
back made her want to plunge a hidden blade into his throat even more. How dare he?!
Despite the fact that Malik had only one arm, he was twice the man and twice the Assassin
he would ever be! The rank of Master Assassin was unfitting; he was not an eagle like her
brothers and herself, but merely a pigeon worthy only of pecking at breadcrumbs and
shitting on the rooftops.
As she thought, she became aware of being watched. Slowly raising her gaze, she
met his cold, dark, beady eyes leering back at her. Glaring at him, she willed her hand
from engaging her hidden blade. One day, Abbas, she thought grimly. There will
come a time when you no lon
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Mature content
Time After Time- Malik and Altair :iconshadow-at-moonhigh:Shadow-at-Moonhigh 3 16
Cruddy B-Day present :Plz don't kill me: :iconshadow-at-moonhigh:Shadow-at-Moonhigh 2 14
Soul of the Sword, part 1
Masyaf, Late June of 1195.
~Malik's POV~
The heat was almost unbearable in the study as the sun hovered high overhead. Strangely, all was silent; nothing could be heard but the scratching of a quill on paper and the occasional dip into the inkwell. Bending over his unfinished map, Malik wiped a bead of sweat from his brow. He set his quill down to look outside. The weather was growing warmer as the summer dragged on, and he could see a group of novices training on the grounds. He could still remember the days when he would practice with Kadar and Altaїr. Sighing, he allowed his mind to wander, becoming absorbed in his personal thoughts. His fingers traced the folded left sleeve of his Assassin robes. Four years had passed since that day in Solomon's Temple, and yet he remembered it as though it had happened yesterday. The memory of Kadar, and the look of pain and shock in his eyes as he died was forever ingrained into Malik's mind. Looking over at his missing arm, he remembered t
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Hello, My Love :FIN: :iconshadow-at-moonhigh:Shadow-at-Moonhigh 0 0 More crossover-ness :iconshadow-at-moonhigh:Shadow-at-Moonhigh 1 0 Crossover of Pac-Man-ness :iconshadow-at-moonhigh:Shadow-at-Moonhigh 1 6 Hello, my love. :iconshadow-at-moonhigh:Shadow-at-Moonhigh 3 8 The Soul of the Sword, part 1 :iconshadow-at-moonhigh:Shadow-at-Moonhigh 4 14
Look at me! I suck! :bow: You are too kind. . .
. . .Haven't you a mission to FUBAR, novice?

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I'm BA-AAACK! After a long, unwanted, unintended break, that is. Miss me? :trollface:
Kidding. Well, two more weeks of school (thank GOD), and then it's time for some serious writing. I've actually done a few sketches that I'm rather proud of, although I haven't the luxury of time to upload them. But, everything's going okay. I'm going to fail Anatomy. :iconohjoyplz:. . . .:iconwthplz: Not fun. And I smell like cologne (again, :iconwthplz:) Okay, so I DO have other parts of Time After Time to write, but I've been writing a fic that seems like a soap-opera. :rofl: I may just keep it for my own personal use. Or I may give it to Anarchy-Writer to screw with. :icondummydanceplz: It's gonna be fun.

In any sense, fortune favor your mediums, my little novicelings. Shadow out! :salute:
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~Q~ o.O
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I love singing, although I stink, and I want to travel. Sometimes I get pretty lonely, and that's no fun. I'm married to my Creed, and the Brotherhood. Writing is a bit of a pastime, as well, and I spend hours listening to music and jotting down ideas. AND, I like coming up with stories for different drawings and sketches. Especially AC-related stuff...I'll stop, now. That being said, If you have anything drawings you want converted into stories, let me know! (don't worry, there's no iou's or payment involved. I do it because it's enjoyable.) But, I'll probably do it anyway. . .please don't kill me. Btws, you ask me a question or engage in conversation with me, chances are I'll end up quoting AC. Or Monty Python. Or something else totally obscure, because that's just how I am. :) Have a great day! Totals! XP If you have anything you want to know about me in particular (yeah, right. *motions to inflated head*), just ask. I'll be happy to oblige. Oh, and I forgot long-winded, annoying, and slightly insane. Not too bad, though. XD Make me miffed, I'm callin' you a NOVICE!! :D
Nearly EVERY week, on both my youtube and deviantart things, the about me section gets longer and longer. >.<
(youtube username: shadowstrider43) I seem to have a thing for shadows. . .emo? Hell, no! D:<
If you even mention Malik. . .:squee::heart::squee::heart::cries::heartbreaker::noes::heart::(

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